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Sheila Raadschelders

Chromalive Colour Therapy is a combination of various sciences – the utilization of light therapy together with the stimulation of reflex zones – that support the body’s internal mechanisms, amplifying the healing process on various levels.


The Chromalive colour therapy Penlight allows for a simple and effective method for treating various symptoms using a non-invasive and concise colour radiation directly onto the body or a specific reflex zone.


Chomalive’s non-invasive Light Therapy treatments have been show to:

Support body, mind and spirit balance

Balance organ vitality and increase overall energy

Improve skin circulation

Increase elasticity of face, promote youthful appearance

Smooth skin texture (lift aged and tired skin and reduce wrinkles)

Reduce blemishes and spots

Increase radiance through internal wellness

Crystal healing has been on the planet for centuries. Quarts crystals have been found in campgrounds of numerous ancient “indigenous” people. Native traditions that were passed down from healer to healer called the work “medicine” which incorporated various types of stones and crystals.


Crystal Light Therapy has three complete areas of therapeutic treatment to the therapy:


Purification:  Smudging and Cleansing the Aura

First, the therapy begins with a purification that creates a sacred and safe environment to perform the energy work, followed by a native and moderns cleansing ritual of the client’s aura.


Chakra Balancing:  Guided Imagery Meditation

Second, is a powerful guided imagery meditation that opens, purifies and balances the energy centres.


Crystal Point Massage

Third, the body is massaged with quartz crystal wands that when activated create a piezoelectrical charge that interacts with our own electromagnetic field, releasing blockages to create a synergistic blend of body, mind and spirit.

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