A Catitude of Gratitude

Hello Pet Friends – it is Kathleen for the Cat’s Meow.

I was listening to a conversation that my Pet-Mom and Dad were having and I just wanted to do a little write up about it.

They were talking about my Pet-Anniversary! They adopted me 4 years ago last Sunday. I was shocked! I have been living with them for 4 years now. It just seemed like yesterday I came to my forever home. A lot has happened in the time since I have been here. In the beginning, I was so anxious and scared all the time. Then in the second year, I got really sick with Megacolon and was in the pet hospital. Pet-Mom and Dad were so worried that I wouldn’t be coming home. But the doctors pulled me through it and Pet-Mom has been so good with taking care of me and my digestive needs. The third year, Pet-Dad lost his job and things were a little stressful but Pet-Mom told me not to worry, Pet-Dad would be back on his feet and all will be well, plus Pet-Mom started her business. Pet-Mom and Dad are really good people and I love them very much. They teach me things and let me be my own purr-sonality. I know that sometimes I can be a bit of a challenge but my Pet-Parents take it all in stride. I like to discuss life with them and they understand that sometimes I can’t express in words what I want to say, so I have to do it with meows and cuddles. I guess what I am trying to write is that I am very grateful to be here and part of my family. I will call it – Catitude of Gratitude. Pet-Mom says that if you live in a place of gratitude that changes your vibration and that once your vibration changes, more things are possible. The law of attraction, I think my Pet-Dad called it. Well, Pet-Friends that is what I am doing this year – living in a space of Catitude of Gratitude. It makes is really easy to be in this state, Pet-Mom has so many things from mother nature to help me achieve this higher vibration. I did ask her to spray her Flora and Fauna Spray in the house and that really helps. The smell of pine and lime speaks to me in a way that I can’t really express in words, I will just say it speaks to my soul. Mom says the green energy of the spray matches the lovely green in my eyes.

She also has lots of snow quartz crystals she has gathered from her rockhounding and those help me too. Did you know that quartz is an amplifier and a transmitter? Now I know why Pet-Mom always puts these in her products. So everything she does amplifies and transmits the vibration I want to be at.. amazing!

That’s all I wanted to write about today, Pet-Friends. So let's all take a pledge to have a year of Catitude of Gratitude. I know I will.

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