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Kathleen's Page - The Cats MEOW

Hello Everyone – my name is Kathleen and I am a Maine Coon Cat. 

I am a happy and contented cat now, but when I was a kitten, life didn’t start off well for me.

I was hit by a car and dumped off in the middle of the night at the local shelter. My hips were damaged and now I can’t run or jump like other cats. 

I was adopted out to a family when I was recovering from my injuries and the people did not understand how scared I was of noise and confusion, so they returned me to the shelter.

I stayed there for 5 years.

One day, at the end of January 2016, a woman and a man in a wheelchair came to the shelter looking for a cat to adopt. I was so scared I stayed in a corner of a cat-tree and wouldn’t come out. The woman looked around and asked one of the workers for an animal that had been in the shelter the longest and was the most in need of a quiet and loving home. The worker directed her to me as I was hiding in a corner of a cat-tree. She looked and me and I looked at her. Then she said to me, if you want out of the shelter, come and take this treat from my hand and we will take you home with us. 

She seemed nice, so I took the treat from her.

I went home with them that very day.

At first, I was so scared. Lots of different noises, I really don’t like the garbage truck or recycling trucks, or cars that go vroom-vroom. 

My new pet-mom, tried all sorts of things to help me get over being scared. At first, she would talk real soft and only pet me when I wanted her too. Then she let me sleep on the big bed with them. Since I can’t jump very well, she would pick me up and put me on the sofa, the recliner, the bed, wherever I wanted to go. 

She also let me sleep next to these really colourful rocks. Crystals she calls them. She would tell me all about my favourite ones and why those rocks made me feel safe and comfy. She called it “vibration”. I just knew I could be myself and heal all my inner wounds. I didn’t know until I came to live with my new pet-parents how scared and anxious I was. 

My new pet-mom also made me my own aromatherapy to use on my bed when I slept so I wouldn’t have bad dreams and wake up panting and feeling sad. She said that she had studied colour therapy and colour energy and she could help me feel happy and joyful.

The spray she developed worked wonders. I am a very different cat today. I am the queen of the castle and I can look outside and listen to all the noises and be peaceful.  I told my pet-mom she should share the spray she made for me with all the pets out in the world, who are scared, anxious and sad, the way I was.

So, here we are, sharing her expertise with colour and crystals with all of you.

My pet-mom knows lots of other things and I will write about what she knows soon.

My name is Kathleen and I was a scared, anxious rescue cat. Now I am a happy and healthy house cat with the world at my paws. Life is really good.

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