About Me

Hello Friends. Welcome to my page!
My name is Sheila Raadschelders and I am a Psychic Colour Visionary and Alchemist. What is that you may ask? I use the science of colour, essential oils, herbs and crystals and I combine it with my Psychic gifts. When I was a teenager, I read tarot cards and tea leaves, taught to me by my grandmother. When I was older, she gave to me the gift of combining Mother Nature’s bounty for one’s highest and best. In my twenties and thirties I got married, divorced and raised one child.

Then quite suddenly in my early forties, I was on a journey of self-discovery and revelation. This is the time that my talents truly started blossoming to where they are today. It was then that I discovered the Colour Energy concepts and the Biopulsar Reflexograph. Once the learnings and teachings of these modalities were in my possession, my expansion of energy increased at an incredible rate. I now understand myself in a way I never could before. I now know why I am drawn to the Elemental World and how we communicate with it. I can now be the medium physic I was always meant to be.

I see our human existence in auric rainbow colours. How and why we do what we do and what we can do to enhance our powers and be our most authentic selves. If you wish to know more about your Auric Field, Elemental Beings, or seeing a past loved one in Rainbow Aura, please do not hesitate to contact me for a connection.

RaadCrystal Products and Service Testimonials: 

RaadCrystal sprays are great to use when setting intentions. They smell wonderful and are amazing at giving a vibrational lift! - Nicole W

Sheila is an amazing alchemist. Her intuitive ability combines with her creative to produce powerful products and tools. She is extremely knowledgeable and gets connected into a creative and energetic wisdom to advise or create exactly what is right for you. I have personally used her products for years and cannot wait to work with her next inspiration. - Kelly D

I have purchased and used several of RaadCrystal’s items and find that they are now my must haves. Sheila has a method of combining essences, colour and other materials to achieve a unique, useable product. I highly recommend her products! - Dorothy D

I would like to let you know that as a facilitator of Development I have witnessed the energetic shift that the Galactic Energy Spray creates. I have seen those that struggle in their trust of the divine wisdom to them by their guides, open and trust. I have seen individuals deliver messages with trust and confidence. I would recommend the Galactic Energy Spray to anyone who has a desire to create a higher vibration to open and trust. - Tina C

I have never come across sprays that have such a “magical” quality. This is attributed to Sheila, who is conscientious, knowledgeable and passionate in her work. Simply Amazing!! - Roseanne D