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Hi, I'm Sheila Raadschelders

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Customer Testimonials

RaadCrystals Products and Service Testimonials: 

RaadCrystals sprays are great to use when setting intentions. They smell wonderful and are amazing at giving a vibrational lift! - Nicole W

Sheila is an amazing alchemist. Her intuitive ability combines with her creative to produce powerful products and tools. She is extremely knowledgeable and gets connected into a creative and energetic wisdom to advise or create exactly what is right for you. I have personally used her products for years and cannot wait to work with her next inspiration. - Kelly D

I have purchased and used several of RaadCrystal’s items and find that they are now my must haves. Sheila has a method of combining essences, colour and other materials to achieve a unique, useable product. I highly recommend her products! - Dorothy D

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