Asking for Help in 2022

Hello Pet-Friends,
It’s Kathleen for the Cat’s Meow! I know that I haven’t written for quite a while. Pet-Mom was so busy with Pet-Oma and her illness, I was just sitting with her and giving Pet-Mom comforting purrs. Pet-Oma passed away in November and Pet-Mom needed time to adjust to not having her mom around.

Pet-Oma is here with me now and now I am helping her adjust to being one with universal energy. Pet-Oma is very stubborn and it is going to take time fo her to learn to be in the Spirit world.

But that is not what I wanted to write about today.

Today I wanted to write about the fact that it is 2022! Yes, Pet-Friends a new Year is here. A New Year with lots of days in it for you to do lots and lots of new and exciting things. And we in Spirit can help with those new and fantastic ideas and dreams.

You see, Pet-Friends so many humans didn’t ask us to help them in 2021. Us in Spirit found that so many of you were so focused with news, worry, frustration and sorrow that many forgot to ask us for help! We were always here for you, but with all the human noise around you, you didn’t hear us and didn’t see the signs we put out for you.

But now, it is a new year and with renewed focus and energy, we can re-engage with you and the world. It is going to be so much fun. I know that Pet-Mom and I will get back on track and write lots of insightful and fun blogs for you. I know that I have many, many, many ideas to share and interesting stories to tell.

Right now, today, my message is to stop, see, hear and be with our energy. For instance, Pet-Mom has noticed that everywhere she goes, she sees a hummingbird fly by. That is Pet-Opa’s sign that he is near and is helping Pet-Mom with her grief.

Such a good sign, a hummingbird.. My sign for Pet-Mom is to jump on the bed, on her leg and just lie there until she falls asleep. Pet-Mom still keeps my special pink jacket that I loved to sleep on at the foot of the bed. She is so caring to do that for me.

Be still, hear and see. Our signs are there.

Until next time Pet-Friends. Be well and let’s start an exciting journey for 2022.


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