Being a Kitty Empath

Hello Pet-Friends,

It's Kathleen for the Cat's Meow. Today is a great day. Every day that I am with my family is a good day. I wanted to write today about the word "empath". Because that I what I am Pet-Friends. I am a Kitty Empath.

I wanted to share this with you Pet-Friends because I had to explain to Pet-Dad what this meant. Pet-Dad didn't understand why I was glued to Pet-Mom over the past few days. Well, Pet-Friends, my Pet-Mom suffers from very, very bad migraines. So bad that she has to be in a dark room and she is in great pain... for days. The most current migraine lasted close to 4 days. It was sooooo bad. I knew that this one would be bad because I could feel Pet-Mom's pain. My brain throbbed, I felt nauseous, my hips hurt from lying down for so long and I couldn't keep any food down. All like Pet- Mom. I stayed with her on the bed and was very quiet but alert.

When she had to vomit, I would go tell Pet-Dad because Pet-Mom would need help to get back to the bed. I would also tell him when to give Pet-Mom water, I could tell she was getting dehydrated. People always wonder if pets and owners have a
connection and I am here to tell you Pet-Friends that we do! When a pet is with their human - they feel what their human feels, they know their thoughts and they can anticipate how their human will react to situations. I read in a dictionary that an empath can feel emotions and physical things in others. I always know when Pet-Mom has a migraine and when she is feeling not well. I also know when Pet-Mom has a sore paw. And I know that Pet-Mom is a human empath with me.

When I think about the connection I have with Pet-Mom it does make the 5 years I spent at the shelter easier to deal with. I know that when I think of those times and get a little sad, Pet-Mom knows because she comes and finds me and pets me and tells me that I will never be there again and that she and I are together forever. Plus when I stub my paw or accidentally hit the wall when I run too fast down the hall, she can feel exactly where it hurts. How funny the connection between humans and pets can be...

I am so glad to have a human who understands all about me and I am so grateful to be a Kitty Empath.

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