Cosmic Unicorns and Pink Energy

Hello Pet-Friends – it’s Kathleen for the Cat’s Meow.

It has been quite a few days since I last wrote. I was so busy watching snow and rain, time ran away from me. Then today, my Pet-Mom was visiting a Human-Friend and she brought home a beautiful gift and she was so excited to show it to me. Her Human-Friend had cross-stitched a lovely Unicorn! The Unicorn has blue-rimmed glasses just like Pet-Mom. It is really beautiful with colourful hair, also like Pet-Mom. (Right now she has blue hair, last year it was orange). I think her friend was so kind to make this for Pet-Mom. The one thing that my brain did say to me was – Hey Kathleen, you love Unicorns too! Yes, Pet-Friends, one of my most favourite elemental creatures is the Unicorn! The reason why I love Unicorns so much is that they are cosmic, have beautiful tails and just like me, they play all the time.

Pet-Mom told me that when the Unicorns speak to her, they love to tell her about how they are playful, loving and carefree creatures who exist in the cosmic pink colour frequencies. I said to Pet-Mom, I am not sure what you mean by that. She told me that within the cosmic pink colour frequency lies the joy of play, being free of stress and just in a true state of pure love. The Unicorn is so very connected to my purrsonality. They remind me to not be so serious all the time, to open my heart, to be more in-the-moment and to relax and let the cosmos take over for a bit. She said the essential oils of palo santo and pink grapefruit she uses in her Unicorn Blend, speak to the part of the brain that can open our love of play. I love to play. I love playing tag with Pet-Mom, rolling in sun patches, playing soccer with my balls and chasing lights on the wall. I also love it when Pet-Mom rearranges her crystal collection. I love to rub my face on all the rocks. Wow! I guess I am really like a Unicorn, happy with my everyday life and happy to share my life with the rest of you. I hope you love unicorns as much as I do and do try my Pet-Moms Unicorn Blend. It does help when you are feeling down and need to be reminded of the joy of just being you.

One more thing Pet-Friends – Happy Valentine’s Day! This is a day that we can all be in the pink!
I know I will.

Have a great Unicorn Day! Stay tuned for my next posting!

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