Dealing with Loss, One Paw at a Time

Hello Pet Friends – it’s Kathleen for the Cat’s Meow.

It is coming to the end of February, the month of love and going into the new month of March. The month of Spring. I feel the need to talk a little about something that I am experiencing right now. A few weeks before Christmas, my best Cat-Friend Lucy passed away quite suddenly. She was my Pet-Oma’s cat. (Pet-Mom tells me I should say that we are a Dutch family and Oma means Grandmother). My Pet-Oma would bring Lucy over for me to play with and when Pet-Mom was taking care of Lucy, I would go to her house. We would play and scamper all the time we were together. It was magical.

Then, out of the blue, Lucy had a stroke and passed on. When Pet-Mom told me about it, I didn’t quite take it all in. I really expected to see Lucy around Christmas time. But I didn’t. I wasn’t sure what to think or feel at the time, so I put it out of my mind. Then this month, the month of love, it all came back.

One night very recently, I flopped down in the living room and started crying and meowing. It was about 3 in the morning. Pet-Mom got out of bed and came to me asking what was the matter. Why was I crying? I couldn’t say anything, I just kept meowing and crying. Pet-Mom sat beside me and started stroking my fur. I knew that she could tell what I was feeling and why I was so sad. Pet-Mom believes in energy flow and as long as I let the sadness and confusion be with me, she could pick it up. And did she ever.

She totally understood that part of my being and she started to cry too. She loved Lucy just as much as me. Pet-Mom scooped me up, cuddled me and let me cry and meow until I was limp with exhaustion. Then I finally fell asleep. When I woke up, I was on the sofa with a pink and an orange crystal beside me. I saw Pet-Mom in the chair nearby and I blinked my question – What is this? She told me that the pink stone was rose quartz and the orange rock was calcite. She said that the power of the pink and orange frequencies from the crystals would help my body process the pain and sorrow I felt. The colour and crystal frequencies could help mend my saddened heart and bring me to a place where I could remember my dearest friend with love and laughter. The calming properties of Pet-Moms Pet Anxiety Spray also helped me heaps! I have slept with these crystals for two weeks now. My Pet-Mom truly helped me with crystal powers and colours.

I feel better now and I can look at Lucy’s picture and know she is looking down from the heavens on and looking forward to when we can be together again. Pain and loss are serious subjects, Pet-Friends. It is okay to cry and be sad. Overcoming grief can be really tough, but there are things out there to help with the process. Find what works for you, I did.

I am glad that February is almost over and we can look onward to Spring. I wonder what Spring will bring, hey – that rhymes.

I will be writing again soon.

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