Dealing with Pet Anxiety

Hello Pet-Friends,

It's Kathleen for the Cat's Meow. I hope everyone is happy and healthy. I know I am. Sometimes I look out the large picture window and I dig deep into my memories and write them in my diary.

When I was journaling today, I thought of the time when I was not happy. Actually I was quite frazzled and out of sorts. It was the time when Pet-Mom went with her best friend to the Okanagan for a visit with a person they both know. This person has a farm in the Okanagan and Pet-Mom was so excited to see her human-friend. Well, on the day of the trip she went away, she kissed me on the head and said she would be home in 5 days and that Pet-Dad and Pet-Brother would take really good care of me and I shouldn't worry or be unhappy.

I didn't really notice that Pet-Mom was away until dinner time. Pet-Dad and Pet-Brother didn't make my dinner the way I like it. it was very distressing to me. Then, a little while later when it was time for bed it occured to me that Pet-Mom was not home. I started crying and meowing. Pet-Dad and Pet-Brother were perplexed and called Pet-Mom because I was flopped on the floor and wouldn't move. When they called Pet-Mom, she said to put me on the phone. I couldn't believe my ears, it was her voice and she was very sympathetic about how I was feeling. She said that she would have Pet-Dad make up my bed special with her Pet Anxiety Spray and that would make me feel better and calm me down for the time being until she came home. I was told that Pet-Dad would call her every day and we could talk and I could tell her how my day was. Well, every day for the remaining 4 days that she was away, we talked every evening after dinner and Pet-Dad and Pet-Brother would spray my bed with Pet-Moms Pet Anxiety Spray so I could get a good nights sleep and not have nightmares or feel anxiety. When Pet-Mom came home, I jumped all over her and licked her hair. She laughed and laughed. It was such a beautiful moment between Pet-Mom and me.

I was sure to tell her that her Pet Anxiety Spray did wonders and I was able to sleep every night and when I felt anxious that she was not home, I would lay in my bed and know that all was well. She said that she was not surprised that the spray made me feel better because she made the spray to help with anxiety and odd feelings that pets don't know what to do with. She said that I was the inspiration for the spray when I came from the shelter because I was so skittish when I first came to live with Pet-Mom and Pet-Dad. I felt really special when she said all this. I know that the next time Pet-Mom goes to visit her friend in the Okanagan that I can use the Pet Anxiety Spray and that way I can be calm and still connected to Pet-Mom. 

Until next time Pet-Friends - If you feel out of sorts or anxious, use the Pet Anxiety Spray. I think Pet-Mom uses it when Pet-Dad is anxious too! I guess humans can feel anxiety just like us pets!

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