Did You See the Sign?

Hello! Kathleen here for the Cat’s Meow - Did you see the Sign?

I ask because that is what I am learning here in the Spirit World. Making signs, leaving signs, giving signs to those who l love on Earth. It has taken me a long time, in human time, to figure out how to knock over things, leave feathers, dimes and leaves, making sure that Pet-Mom and Pet-Dad can feel me when I brush up or jump on them. Pet-Mom always feels me but Pet-Dad needs more coaching. I know he can feel me, but sometimes he thinks his mind is playing tricks on him. He can be so logical sometimes. 

Pet Friends - when you see or feel or hear something and think its a sign - then it is! I gave Pet-Mom and one of her excellent friends a “sign” a few weeks ago and it was so fun to see them get so excited about it!

They even knew it was me! Pet-Mom and her friend were having coffee at a coffee shop and Pet-Mom brought out a painting of me to show her. She leaned it against her cup and then they talked about me and how much Pet-Mom misses me.

To let Pet-Mom know I was around and I miss her too - I pushed the painting over ! They were so excited to get my sign ! They giggled, exclaimed, and waved up to the ceiling.

Some of the other coffee drinkers gave them a stink-eye but Pet-Mom didn’t care. She and her friend both said into the air  - “We love you Kathleen”. I felt so special. And so accomplished - I was able to leave a sign!

Pet-Friends - when something happens out of the blue  and you think or know its from your favourite Pet who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, then it is! It may take us a long time in human years to figure it out but when we do, you will get the signs. Now that I can move objects - I can’t wait to do it again! 

Keep an eye and an ear open! You never know when the next sign will come.

Be Safe, Happy and Healthy Pet-Friends!

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