Find the Paw-sitive in the Darkness - Spring is Here!


Hello Pet-Friends,

It's Kathleen from the Cat's-Meow. I know that there are lots of things on the news right meow about what the world is going through. I wanted to write a little bit about something else though. I wanted to put down on paper how I love the fact that Spring is HERE! I love Spring.

RaadCrystals - The Cat's Meow - a Cat BlogThings are new, flowers are blooming! Daffodils and tulips are my personal favourite. Pet-Mom has planted a few on our Cat-Patio and I love to smell them. Plus the colours are so purr-tastlc. The yellow of the daffodils and the purples, reds and oranges of the tulips sing to my Cat-Soul. I am so grateful that they have started to come up. Pet-Mom also planted other things and I don't have all the names memorized, but she says that she loves to get plant seeds that say "wildflowers" on them. As they bloom during the year, I get new smells and pretty things to look at! When spring comes around Pet-Mom cleans off the Cat-Patio and we can sit outside for hours and hours. Pet-Mom likes to read and I sit on a chair beside her and think about new things to write for the Cat's-Meow. It is such a wonderful time for us.

There are times when we can't be outside to enjoy Mother Earth and all her plants, trees and birds. (I like to listen to the birds, I don't chase them, they are my Pet-Friends). Pet-Mom sprays her Flora and Fauna spray in the house so we can get the smell and feel of the outside in the inside of the house. Pet-Mom really loves the outdoors and when we are cooped up, she can get a bit cranky. When she does, I knock over the Flora and Fauna and when she uses it, she relaxes. Then we can play and read books together.

I would like to say to all my Pet-Friends:
Spring is here! Try not to let the news of the day get you too upset and give Mother Nature some love and attention. She is always good to me and I bet she will be good to you, too. Take care Pet-Friends and soon we can all be outside and be carefree and play together again. 

Until we blog again - Enjoy the outdoors and be healthy and happy!

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