Happy Father's Day!

Hello Pet-Friends - it’s Kathleen for the Cat’s Meow.

I am hoping that all of you are keeping well and enjoying yourselves. I am well and learning new Spirit Animal things everyday, plus I am helping Pet-Oma get her wings and teaching her how to see everyone on Earth.

She is a bit stubborn but I know I can teach her.

I wanted to write today because Fathers Day is coming up, or just passed? I am not quite sure, human time is so very different from Spirit time. But I did want to write to say how much I love my Pet-Dad. I write more about the adventures of  me and Pet-Mom and I don’t always give Pet-Dad the accolades he deserves.

I love him so much.

I miss him - the way he sang to me in English and Polish, whenever he gave me long pet strokes along my spine, when he would hold my paw when Pet-Mom had to give me medicine. He is a fabulous Pet-Dad. 

I remember the first day I came home to live with Pet-Dad and Pet-Mom. When I came out the carrier and looked around, I was so scared. The shelter was worried because Pet-Dad is in a wheelchair and they thought that I wouldn’t get used to it.

I was scared, it was a new place for me. And then.. Pet-Dad said to me “I will wait to pet you until you are used to me and my chair. I usually sit on my recliner and when you are ready you can come and sit on my lap.” So I just looked around my new apartment, and then I noticed he moved from the wheelchair to the recliner.

I then sniffed and sniffed the wheelchair and decided it was okay, I shouldn’t be afraid of it. I did find the wheelchair cushion very comfy. Then I went to the recliner and sat with Pet-Dad for a long time. Pet-Mom said we both fell asleep and had a long nap. I often sat with Pet-Dad on that recliner. I know that sometimes he still puts out a hand to pet me on my favourite spot. When I fly down to see Pet-Mom I always find time to sit on that recliner with Pet-Dad. Happy Fathers Day, Pet-Dad. I love you and I watch over you every night. Be happy and I will fly down soon to sit with you.

Until next time, Pet-Friends - be well and happy.

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