Happy Halloween Friends!

Hello Pet-Friends! It’s Kathleen for the Cat’s Meow.

I hope everyone is keeping well. It has been quite the year for 2022 and now we are in the last few months. October has always been my favourite time of year. Pet-Mom and I have a blast at this time of year. Decorating the house, dressing up, telling each other spooky stories, giving out treats to the trick or treaters, having pots of hot tea. Plus Pet-Mom loves watching haunted house movies.

 It's not really my thing, but Pet-Mom loves it, and I loved sitting on her lap, licking Doritos and just being Halloweenie with Pet-Mom. Another reason why I appreciate October and early November now, is that the veil between spirit world and human world is much thinner. I can spend more energy in protecting those that I love or those that Pet-Mom sends me to.

For example, Pet-Dad has some new staff in the office and one person in particular he asked me to help out. His office member is very timid, and this person can scare very easily, and this person asked Pet-Dad how to feel bolder.

I was sent to give moral support and give energy to help build up an aura of completeness and to use the Root Chakra more effectively. So far, we are getting results!

I also take care of Pet-Mom and Pet-Dad too. I know that Pet-Mom is struggling a bit with her new job as well as doing her own businesses. I lie with her every night and give her refreshing energy to start the day with a happy smile on her face.

You see Pet-Friends, with the thinning veil, is not a time to be scared or feel frightened. It is a time to celebrate and honour those who you loved that are now in the spirit world and be with them. I know that I really enjoy this time I have being on a closer human level. I am always with you, but now I can be
so close, that you can feel my fur on your cheek.

Remember I am with you, and I love you. When you need me, I will be there.
Have fun this Halloween, enjoy your friends and soon it will be Christmas time!

Your Spirit Friend, Kathleen.

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