Happy New Year!

Hello Pet-Friends,

It’s Kathleen for the Cat’s Meow.

Can you believe we are at a New Year? I certainly cannot. Where does human time go? I know that for some of us, last year went by so slow and for some it was way too fast.

Now is the time, my friends, to reflect on the past year and to make a plan for the New Year we are in. Yes, my friends, we all need a plan, a way to track our goals, a roadmap to what our needs and desires are. Even for me in my Spirit form, I need to “plan” my adventures.

For example, to write more. I was quite absent last year, and now that I reflect upon that, it left me with a bit of an “aha” moment. I have lots of things to speak about, lots of things to share with you and I kept it to myself. That was not being open and friendly.

That gave me pause to reflect on how to engage more with you and with Pet-Mom. You see she channels what I want to say and puts the words on paper. We have always had a special connection and she always knew what I was thinking or feeling. That is why I felt so lucky to be found by Pet-Mom and Pet-Dad.

I was losing hope of ever finding my forever home and then they came and took me to their apartment and “I was home!". Now I am in my Spirit Animal home and now is the time to share those moments with you, my dear Pet-Friends.

I will write again very soon. I paw-promise.

Sending you all love and lots of purrs.

Your friend, Kathleen.

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