Happy New Year - Meow

Hi Pet Friends – It is Kathleen here. Happy New Year! Can you believe it is already January? Just a few days ago it was all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas Season. I am so tired from all the comings and goings of my pet family. Lots of good things happened but now I could use some rest.

My pet-mom noticed that I was feeling a bit run-down and didn’t have my usual energy. So she came up with some things to help me get energized and I wanted to share them with my pet friends. Pet-mom said that I needed RED energy to perk me up. I didn’t know what that is and she explained to me that the red or root chakra is our base and it needs assistance to keep us going to maximum efficiency. When we run around and do so many things all at once, we use up all the red energy and then we start to feel tired and run-down. Red energy keeps up our vitality, passion, grounding, and courage, so we can have an amazing day. She said that there were many ways to get red energy into my body.  The first thing she did is she put out her red raincoat on her bed and a red pillow on my favourite chair. She said that I could absorb the red colour vibration through my fur when I slept on these! Amazing! She said that she wears red underwear, pants or a scarf when she wants to feel powerful. Another thing she did was when pet-mom takes a bath, she puts her Dragon’s Breath Diffuser Mix in her diffuser so the bathroom smells really good. While she is relaxing in the tub, I sleep on a red towel she puts out for me and I take in all of the scents. I feel so good when we are finished in the tub. I felt so alive, that I ran up and down the hallway for 15 minutes!

Another thing I do to get red energy is I lie beside this huge red Jasper crystal rock my pet-mom has in the living room and it makes me feel so refreshed and ready to take on my cat tasks of the day. Pet-mom says that red energy is the most important and I should work on getting some red energy inside me every day. I know that it is almost bath-time, so I will get pet-mom to use her Dragon’s Breath Diffuser Mix and we can both get some red energy.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day as my pet-parents will be at work and it is my job to do kitty patrol in the apartment when they are both out. It is tough being a watch-cat! But I do love my job. My pet-mom also uses an amazing Anxiety Spray she created for me for those days when she thinks I could use an extra boost.

Until next time - Keep up that red energy!

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