Imagine that – Tomorrow will be Today!

Hello Pet-Friends – it's Kathleen of the Cat’s Meow here.

It is a new year since I last wrote to you, my dear friends! A new year for experiences, adventures, changes, and all things great and good.

Do you know what I love about new year’s, new days, and new months? They are all new beginnings! Yes, Pet-Friends, we are all at a New Beginning! 2024 is a new time! New Date! New things to explore! New fun times to be had! New everything!

My Pet-Opa was the best person who embodied New Beginnings. He started every day as a New Day. It is so awesome to have him here with me in the Spirit Realm, for when I can’t seem to fly far, or see Pet-Mom clearly, he would say to me – do not worry, you will learn new things today and the possibilities of what can happen during today are endless!!

When I asked him about what will happen tomorrow, he just smiled at me and said – I will tell you Kathleen, what I have told my kids and grandkids – never worry about tomorrow because it never comes. Tomorrow becomes today. You will never see tomorrow as it always is in the future. No one sees the future for the future becomes the present.

So why worry about things that may or may never happen, just focus on what can happen today. And one other thing, the past is done and gone. What happened in the past was a learning lesson, what you learn defines you, not what you did or said.

We have all done things and said things we wished we didn’t, but if you learn from it, use those teachings in the here and now, that is all that matters. Be your truest person, be the person you envision yourself to be.

I think a lot of Pet-Opa’s wisdom. His energy is that of a wise man, a person of great integrity and trust. In a way he is a Wizard. I see why everyone he met on Earth liked and loved him. I will tell you more about Pet-Opa in other blogs, there is so much to share with you and his Wizard Wisdom.

There it is Pet-Friends – a new beginning, don’t let what happened in 2023 impede your growth and vitality for this year. It is all brand new – so are you. Feel today, think today, learn today, love today, heal today, take care of yourself today.

Yes, make plans for yourself, we all need goals, but realize that today is your day, be present in the day, because tomorrow will be today. Imagine that – Tomorrow will be Today!

Until next time Pet-Friends – New Beginnings! Be the best version of yourself! And always remember that I love you!

Your very special Pet-Spirit-Animal – Kathleen!

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