Kathleen Explains Some New Cat-Concepts

Hello Pet-Friends,

It's Kathleen here, for the Cat's-Meow. In a previous blog post, I wrote about being my most authentic self and that I am a Spirit Animal to Pet-Mom. Well, Pet-Friends, there are quite a few aspects about being a Cat in the Spirit Animal world.

For one - Cats, since the time of the ancient Egyptians, have been protectors of the underworld. That means we protect our Pet-Humans from beings that have past on to the next dimension. I know this because when Pet- Mom goes to sleep, I make sure that no spirits of low or negative energy can come into our room. I always sleep at the foot of her bed and I tell anyone who wants to bother us to go back to the dimension they came from!

Another thing about Cats is that they teach humans how to be more independent and not to pay attention to other people's criticisms. Cats don't really care what humans think of us, because we know just how special we are. We try to show our humans that they don't need everyone's approval! Be yourself and show off to the world just how wonderful you are.

Another name that Spirit Animal Cats have is "A Familiar". This might be a new phrase for some of you. What it means, is that for those who have Witch, Wizard or Mother Earth magic in them, that we have been with you in a past life and that we are familiar to you, both in temperament and inner-knowing, sort of like having your best friend come back to you from a past life.

I also wanted to share with you Pet-Friends, that a cat can be a Fairy in disguise. Again, this might be a totally new concept to a lot of you, but believe me, it is true. I am a Fairy (sometimes), I can pick and choose when I want to be. How do I know? Well, ever since I came to be with Pet-Mom, her interest and level of knowledge of Fairies have really blossomed. And that is all because of me. Me and my Fairy influence. She even started gardening, a real Fairy thing to do. You can ask her when you see her at one of her events in the Province. 

As you can see Pet-Friends being a cat has a lot of responsibility. As Cats, we do take our jobs very seriously. So the next time your Cat acts strangely ask yourself, is my cat being protective, trying to teach me something or just having some fun? 

Have a great evening, Pet-Friends and I will write again soon. It is so much fun exploring and sharing my cat-ness with you. 

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