Kathleen's Animal-versary

Hello Pet-Friends,

It’s Kathleen for the Cat’s Meow. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the warm days of Summer. I always loved lying in a sun patch with my belly up getting a sun tan.

It occurred to Pet-Mom and I that it is actually my Spirit Spirit Animal-versary. Yes! On July 22nd last year, I crossed over and became a Spirit Spirit Animal. I was always Pet-Mom’s Spirit Animal but on that day I became a Spirit, Spirit Animal. With wings and everything. It did take a little bit of human time to get my wings and understand how to use them. I love my wings. They are half-fairy, half-dragon wings and a shade of beautiful green that match my eyes.

This year has been a very interesting one for me Pet-Friends. When I crossed over to the Spirit World, I was scared and nervous. But Pet-Mom and Pet-Dad made sure that there were people there to help me transition. Pet-Mom was so helpful as I was going into the light and introduced me to everyone.

It was actually Pet-Mom’s Oma that taught me to be a dragonfly when I want to get Pet-Mom’s attention. And it was Pet-Dad’s father that taught me to fly with my new wings. You see, Pet-Friends, Pet-Dad’s father is a guardian angel and loves to fly down to Pet-Dad every night to tuck him into bed. So, every night I go with him to make sure Pet-Dad is all tucked up and ready to have happy dreams.

Another thing I learned is that when Pet-Mom asks me to help out others in nearby towns and places, I can go there and do what she asks of me. I did just that when her most excellent friend’s mom had some issues with the fairies on her property. That was the first time I ever used my new wings and I loved flying around the Okanagan Valley and seeing all sorts of new locations. Plus it was fun to watch Pet-Mom and her friend pick sage and wildflowers to make smudge wands. When they had their butts up in the air, I made sure to swoop down and give them a little poke. I laughed so hard every time they said “Hey, Kathleen, we know it’s you”.

It has been an interesting journey so far, Pet-Friends, and it is not over yet. I bet this year will bring on new adventures and I will discover new things that I can do... I can’t wait!

I will always love Pet-Mom and Pet-Dad and they will always love me. I will see them tonight when it is time to tuck them into bed. I will always be able to hear “Okay Kathleen, bed-time. Come to bed”. Those best times on Earth are still the best times here in the Spirit World. Happy Spirit Spirit Animal-versary to me! Thank you for following along my journey, Pet-Friends!

I will write again soon. Keep safe, healthy and happy.

- Kathleen

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