Kathleen's Transition

Hello Pet-Friends. It's Kathleen for the Cat's Meow. How is everyone doing? I hope you are all well and enjoyed the summer. I know I haven't written in some time. Well, Pet-Friends, the reason I haven't been blogging much is that I have been unwell. You see, for a long time, my body has been slowly shutting down. First, my colon was acting up and my kidneys have been giving me some issues. Pet-Mom has been very diligent, doing everything the vet wants her to. I have been getting the best food, the best medicine, and the best care. Pet-Mom has been so caring and loving. Doing all she can, but in the end, she can't stop what is about to happen.

You see, Pet-Friends, it is time for me to transition from being a physical cat here on Earth to being a Spirit Animal Guide and Helper. Ever since I met Pet-Mom and Pet­-Dad I really figured out what my Pet-Destiny was. It was to learn from Pet-Mom what we were together in other lives and that we are together now. My life was very unhappy for the first years of my life. I went from home to home, people didn't understand my needs and the love that I wanted. Plus, whenever I got sick I was returned to the shelter. It was very disappointing and I was very depressed. Then Pet-Mom came and picked me and took me home. She always said that we were meant to be together and so we were.

My four-and-a-half years with Pet-Mom and Pet-Dad are the happiest and most loved I have ever been. Now is time for me to leave this Earth and move on. I am at the Vets office right now and Pet-Mom is holding me close and I can feel her heartbeat next to mine. I know she knows. Pet-Mom always knows when I am unwell and this time she knows it is the last time. I turn my head and l slowly blink my eyes. She says to me "I will miss you, my familiar, my beautiful Kathleen. You mean everything to me. You are the best cat I have ever had. There will be no one else like you and no one can ever come close to our bond. I tell Pet-Mom "You are the best Pet-Mom and familiar a cat could ever have. I will miss you too I love you so much.” 

She holds me tight and says to the vet that she knows the vet and the staff did all that they could and that my kidneys were just too far diseased and nature has to take its course. The vet says she is sorry for Pet-Mom's loss. Pet-Mom tells the vet that this is not the end for me and her. I smile at Pet-Mom. Pet-Mom knows that my physical being will end but my Spirit will live on. Pet-Mom knows that I am going to move ahead and be her Spirit Animal Guide and helper. Pet-Mom has other Spirit Guides, helpers, and guardians, but I, Kathleen, will have a special spot, in the Spirit World for Pet-Mom. 

I can hear Pet-Mom whisper in my ear that she has asked that her Dad and Pet-Dad's Mom, who have passed on already, to guide me to the other side and not to be afraid. They will be kind and gentle with me. I am glad. I am a bit uneasy about the transition, but it is good that Pet-Mom as asked others to help me. I know them already, so it will be okay. 

I can feel my kidneys and body starting to shut down. The vet listens to my heart and says it won't be long now. I lean into Pet­-Mom and she holds me and says not to be afraid and that we will meet again soon. In the Spirit World time has no meaning so I won't feel how long it will take for Pet-Mom to join me. Pet-Mom says that once I have made it to the heavens, to give her a sign. I tell her, I will and that we can communicate all the time. Everything will work out. 

Here I go, Pet-Friends, to be among the Spirits. I promise to be in contact with you and to let you know what is going on. It will be a little different, but we will be continuing on this journey. One sign and message at a time. 

Don't be sad, Pet-Friends, I will be back very soon with a new and exciting experience to tell you about. 

Talk to you very soon, Pet-Friends. 



Give your special animal an extra treat and hug from me.

Note - Kathleen passed away peacefully on July 23, 2020. She will be missed here on this Earth, but she will be a part of our RaadCrystals family in Spirit. I expect to hear from her very soon with further insights for us.

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