Opening Your Heart Chakra to New Friends

Hello Pet-Friends,

It’s Kathleen for the Cat’s Meow. I hope everyone is keeping safe, healthy, and keeping their spirits and morale up. I know it is hard, but keep trying! Give a smile when you can and give some compassion to those who are in a bad way. I say that because I had to learn compassion every time I was placed in a new home.

And boy, it wasn’t easy. I was so lucky to finally find Pet-Mom and Pet-Dad. They showed me so much love and gentleness, it still takes my breath away. Even now as a Spirit Animal, Pet-Mom shows me every day how much she loves me. I know she misses me too, she misses when we play, talk, watch the news and when we eat together. One day we will do that again, but not right now.

I wanted to write to you, Pet-Friends, about the Heart Chakra and Green Energy. I know that so many equate Green to rebirth, love, Mother Nature and that sort of thing, but watching Pet-Mom over the past few days.. I would like to add bravery to all of the Green words that we know of.

Why? Well, because it takes bravery to open your heart again, to love again, to grow and to show compassion and support to the humans, plants, and creatures of the earth. I have always known that when I passed, Pet-Mom would be mourning and grieving me for a long time. Then something happened this week!

Pet-Mom was given two new cats. You see, Pet-Friends, Pet-Oma (grandmother) had two cats, named Thelma and Louise. She got them when they were just kittens and it has been over a year since she got them. Well, Pet-Oma is a senior and not in the best of health or shape and over time, discovered that she could not care for Thelma and Louise as best as she could. She was dropping them and falling over them when they ran between her legs. So, she asked Pet-Mom to open her home and her heart to the cats. Pet-Mom was hesitant at first, she still grieved for me. So I went down to Pet-Mom and we had a fabulous heart-to-heart loving conversation about us and the Thelma and Louise 'situation'.

Pet-Mom said that if Pet-Oma takes them to a shelter they will be separated and that was not a good plan as they are sisters and bonded to each other. Pet-Mom did want me to know that she loves me very much every day but it is now time to be brave and open her heart to these two. And I agreed with her!

I, too, love Pet-Mom and Pet-Dad every day and I am not jealous that they have two new cats in the house. I am very proud of them, using their Heart and Green energy to spend time to love, nurture, teach, feed and play with Thelma and Louise. I can see that these cats will need compassion and love as our house is new to them and so very different from Pet-Oma’s house. Right now as Pet-Mom and I are typing this, Louise is staring at the screen wondering what are all those letters. Pet-Mom, Pet-Dad, and I are now going to use all our Heart and Green energy, be brave and love these new members of our household.

Until next time, Pet-Friends.. be brave, love, nurture and show compassion for those around you. Be happy and loving,

Your Green Heart Chakra Friend - Kathleen.

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