Pet Aura Readings and the Biopulsar Reflexograph

Hello Pet Friends – It is Kathleen for the Cat’s Meow.

I wanted to talk a little today on something my Pet Mom does. She takes pictures of the colours that surround our bodies on the inside and out. It is called an aura. I was so surprised that I had an aura! Who knew that pets could be so colourful ! My Pet Mom says that the aura is about how the different frequencies in us are colour-coded and that each colour means something different. (I will talk about the different colours very soon). When she finished saying this – of course, I had to have one. It was so easy, Pet Friends!

I sat on Pet Moms lap and she put one hand on me and another on a machine called the Biopulsar Reflexograph. A long name for her device, but so interesting to do and not scary at all. She laid one hand on me and the other on a hand-plate, which just looks like a hand with sensors on it. The machine created a colour image, that popped up on her computer screen in less than a minute. I was so amazed at how many colours there were! Pet Mom told me that the colours represent my emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. She also said that she focuses mainly on the spiritual aspect of the colours because she believes your soul tells most of the stories we have inside us.

I am going to show my Pet Friends my picture right now. I love it. I am so beautiful in this aura picture. Pet Mom did say that the orange above my head means that I live in joy and am very creative! I love that... It is good to be joyous and be able to create my reality. Plus she said that the green colour under my feet means that I am walking on new spring grass and that my heart is open to new experiences! Good for me. Pet Mom and I have been working on some of my traumas from past homes and I am so happy that I am moving forward in my life journey.

If you want an aura picture, go to Pet Moms service page and click on the aura picture option. She can do auras for humans as well as pets. Plus she can do it remotely (pet mom has intuition and psychic skills), or she can do it in person. Sometimes she goes to different events and you can meet her and get one done there! If you want you can also email her for more information about the Biopulsar. I know that if you want to have one done, you won’t be disappointed! I think I will have another one done soon and share that with you, Pet Friends so you can see how I am progressing on my life journey!

- Your Pet Friend, Kathleen.

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