Pet-Mom and I Work Together to Help Pet-Oma

Hello Pet-Friends!

It’s Kathleen for the Cat’s Meow. I hope everyone is keeping safe during these heat waves and forest fires. I am sending love and light for all of you and your pets and the animals effected by what is going on.

I am writing today because in Pet-Mom’s family something very bad for some but not so bad for others is happening. Pet-Friends, my Pet-Oma is very sick and is nearing the end of her life. She has lung and brain cancer. Pet-Mom is living with her right now until she has to go to hospice care. I know that when I was ill and at end of life, Pet-Mom was there for me and took really good care of me and did what it took and what the vet said to make me as comfortable as possible.

I can see that Pet-Mom is doing the same for Pet-Oma. Pet-Mom is really good at this. That is why I love Pet-Mom so much. She is such a giving person and will do what she can to make the transition for Pet-Oma as easy as possible.

That is where I, as much as I can, come in. You see Pet-Friends, I can help out too from where I am in the Spirit World! You see, Pet-Mom and I had a little talk, because Pet-Oma is a little stubborn and resistant to what will happen to her. She doesn’t believe in Heaven or a Higher Plain. But Pet-Opa, her husband who has already passed on does.

Pet-Oma has sisters, her Ma and Pa and her favourite cat, Lucy and dog, Seneca are here with me in Spirit. It will take quite a bit of effort for Pet-Oma to get from the Earthly plain to where we are in the Spirit World. So, Pet-Mom has asked me to gather up all of Pet-Oma’s people and pets in Spirit to help her move from her body to the higher plain when she departs from Earth. I have assembled everyone together and we spend time every day sending loving vibes and warm feelings to Pet-Oma to let her know that she will be welcomed with open arms.

Now that her time in near and her brain is not working very well, each one of us in Spirit sends Pet-Oma a white butterfly each day to give her joy and to have her brain think of happier times. Yesterday, we sent her three of them and she was so happy, she laughed and laughed.

Pet-Mom asked her “what do you think those butterflies mean?” And I was shocked when Pet- Oma said “You probably told your spirit people to send them to me.” Pet-Mom just nodded and said that I was great help to her to arrange all those butterflies.

I know that Pet-Mom is feeling quite a few emotions now and when she can she likes to sit on the patio. To cheer her up, I come zooming down as a dragonfly and zoom up and down and around, I like to go so fast I almost run into her! Pet-Mom just laughs.

I told Pet-Mom that I had everyone ready to help Pet-Oma and Pet-Mom said to me “of course you do, you are my Kathleen.”

Everyday I come to zoom around Pet-Mom and the others send white butterflies to Pet-Oma. I know that this is what I can do for now, until Pet-Oma’s time comes to be with us in Spirit.

I will write again soon Pet-Friends -I have lots to let you know about. Tomorrow is another day to live and laugh together. On Earth and in Spirit.

- Kathleen

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