Revving up your Root Chakra

Hello Pet-Friends - it’s Kathleen for the Cat’s Meow.

I know it has been a bit of time since I last wrote and so many human things have happened. Firstly the Christmas Holidays and New Year have come and gone. This holiday season was so strange to me. Firstly because I am now a spirit animal and because so much is going on in the world. Not all of it good, but not all of it bad either. I know that Pet-Mom has been struggling with all the energies that are surrounding her. I can see that she is super tired and that she just wants to curl up like a cat and just sleep and sleep and sleep. Which is not good for her. She needs to be productive and be out doing the things that bring her joy. 

So this is the reason I am writing to you today. I had a long talk with Pet-Mom and I explained to her that her Red, Root Chakra energy was low. Perhaps the lowest it has ever been. Pet-Mom agreed with me, she could feel that her energy was not what it needed to be. She said that her energy “gas tank” was almost on empty. Then we talked about what she could do, to really get her energy engine revving up again.

She and I went back to her notes and books on Red Energy and we decided that for Pet-Mom the best way for her to get the life-force and the blood pumping through her veins again was to take a daily walk for 20 minutes (rain or shine), wear red clothes, use her red products like her Dragons Breath Spray and roll-on, and start eating more red foods every day. She also said that she would incorporate her Red Root Chakra soap in her daily body washing routine and put a Red Tigers Eye crystal in her pocket (the one that she carries her mask in).

These steps will help her increase her vibration and frequency so she can do the things that she wants to do. Plus, now that it is January she can start these new habits and keep them up throughout the year. Because she did mention this to me Pet-Friends and I feel I should share this with you, that the Red or Root Chakra Energy needs to be tended to on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Red is the life-force of our selves and our bodies and therefore we need to nurture it all the time. Not just one day a year but do one thing every day of the year! I did give Pet-Mom a little boop on the nose and I said “I am holding you to do some sort of red thing everyday!”.Pet-Mom laughed and said that she would really like it if I gave her a nose boop every morning to remind her to add a bit of red into her day. It is a very good way for Pet-Mom and me to keep our bond strong (which is a red thing too), having a connection to those around us in any way we can, keeps our happiness level upward and when the days comes that we can get back to doing all that we could do before, we will be ready with lots and lots and lots of strength, conviction and purpose to face this New Year of 2021.

Have a great 2021 Pet-Friends - I am watching over you and will write again very soon.


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