Tapping into your Inner Pinkness

Hello Pet-Friends,

It’s Kathleen with the Cat’s Meow. Time sure flies, Pet-Friends, and I can’t believe that Valentine’s Day is almost upon us! Physical time and Spirit time may be on two different waves but we do recognize certain days and calendar months. 

I just wanted to bring up Valentine’s Day because I was listening in to Pet-Mom the other day when she was on the phone to a friend of hers. Pet-Mom was trying to comfort her friend because she was sad that Valentine’s Day was coming up and she didn’t have a husband or boyfriend and was crying on the phone. She felt unloved and thought she would never get married. I could tell that Pet-Mom was getting annoyed by the way she sat on her bed and was counting her fingers to ten. I decided to float down and sit by her thigh and give her some good vibes. Pet-Mom put her hand on me and I purred for her. 

She then took a deep breath and told her friend that Valentine’s Day (in her opinion), was not a day for romance and such things. She said that Valentine’s Day should be the day that each of us tune in and really think and react to our “Pinkness”. Pet-Mom’s friend told her to please explain more about what she meant by that...

Pet-Mom then said that "being Pink” means that you are mixing the colours of White and Red together. White is for purity and Red is for life-force, when you have a pure life-force and know it for yourself, and are happy with yourself, then your auric field will attract other “Pink” people to you. When you are not in your “Pink” zone, it is possible to attract people who will take advantage or will not reciprocate feelings of love back to you.

Pet-Mom then said that when someone really loves you, truly and deeply, they don’t need to be reminded that on one day a year to show it or say it. They express their love every day, week, and month. Pet-Mom told her friend that the best lesson her Dad ever taught her was to show how much you care for your partner all the time. For example, Pet-Mom’s Dad would tell his wife every day that she was the most prettiest woman he ever met and he was happy every day that she was his wife. I remember this Pet-Friends, Pet-Mom’s Dad would say to me, whenever he visited our house, Kathleen “You are so pretty and you make Pet-Mom so happy!”

You know, Pet-Friends, it took me quite awhile to understand Pet-Mom’s “Pink theory". However, with all the times that people brought me back to the shelter because they didn’t like me or thought I was too bratty, I did keep telling myself that one day my person would come. It took a long time but Pet-Mom did come for me and we had and are having a wonderful life together. We are both using our “Pinkness” in the most productive way. So I say to Pet-Mom and Pet-Dad, “Thank you for being “Pink” with me. You are both so lovely and you make me very happy”.

So, here is a reminder to be one with your “Pink Energy”, Pet-Friends. Once that happens you never know what other amazing “Pink people" will come into your life and then every day will be full of love and greatness. Think of Valentine’s Day as not a day for romance and flowers but as a day that centres around you and really get in touch with your truest self.

I will write again soon, Pet-Friends. Be well and be “PINK”!

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