The 4 Elements and Your Auric Field

Hello Pet-Friends,

It's Kathleen here for the Cat's-Meow. What a great life this is. So many things to experience and to ponder the wonders of the Earth. I was recently using all my brain cells and extrasensory perception on the 4 Elements of the Earth.

Air, Water, Earth and Fire. I ponder these Elements a lot because Pet-Mom uses herbs, crystals, and the colours of these 4 Elements quite a bit around our home. She says that when you use or invoke the 4 Elements it brings you closer to The Source that surrounds us and is one with us.

I see the 4 Elements like this:

- Water is the colour Blue and it relates directly to the Throat Chakra. Blue is also the colour of the sky and the Archangel Michael. Did you know that lots of blue crystals relate to the Angels and the spirit realm? Water is also very cooling and you can use water to flow from one thing to the next. Blue is also the colour of rivers and lakes. We live near a river and I love to see it and watch the water move along.

- Earth is the colour Green and it is part of the Hearth Chakra. Green is also Mother Earth, one of my most favourite people. Green is also very soothing and when you touch a tree or lie on moss it feels soooo good and soooo relaxing. I love to lie on moss.

- Air is the colour of Purple and is part of the Crown Chakra. Air is directly related to the Spirit World and how we connect to it. All I know is that when I use purple stones like Amethyst I feel like I am floating up to the heavens. I know that Pet-Mom takes long walks in the wind to clear her mind. When the wind blows she feels at peace.

- Lastly, there is Fire Element and its colour is Red and it is part of the Root Chakra. Fire is super intense! It is also associated with Dragon Power! I use Red in herbs and crystals when I want to have the energy to get through emotional blockages. Red is also the colour of our blood and when I am feeling sickly I use red elements to have my body repair itself so I can get on with my day. Red is so useful and I use my Dragon Power every day because sometimes life can throw curveballs and you just have to deal with things.

But, there is one thing I did want to mention about the 4 elements to you, Pet-Friends. It is that all 4 Elements can clean our Auric Fields. An Auric field is the energy that surrounds us every day and in every way. This energy field can get dirty with energetic debris. Each Element can clear away this debris. For example, when you take a bath or shower you use water. When Pet-Mom takes her walks during a windstorm she uses the Wind Air to clear away any dust on her auric field. When I want to use Fire, I light a candle and then I write out on little pieces of paper of what I want to clear and then burn the little pieces of paper. I make sure I don't set the house on fire, I use a pail to burn the paper in and then I flush the ashes down the toilet or sink. So, in that case, I use water too. And finally, there is the Earth Element. Whenever I want to clear my Aura I lie on moss and roll around and Mother Earth does the rest. Pet-Mom's best friend buries her feet in the dirt and then asks Mother Earth to clean her aura. So many ways to do things with the 4 Elements, the list is endless. Well, I am off now to go roll around on my favourite mossy patch. 

I will write again soon and in the meantime, Pet-Friends, use the 4 Elements and let me know what they did for you. 

Have a great day from your Pet-Friend, Kathleen. 

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