The Red Root Chakra

Hello Pet-Friends,

It’s Kathleen here for the Cat’s Meow. As I transcend more and more into my Spirit Animal role for Pet-Mom and Pet-Dad, I find it is easier and easier to be next to them and spend lots of time on their earthly plane. Plus, I still have so much more to learn about chakras from Pet-Mom. Chakras are super important in Spirit Animal life. Chakras is where we connect and were we can be easily accessible. I will give you an example of what I am trying to say.

Just recently Pet-Mom and I were talking about the Red Root Chakra and how we can strengthen it so our life forces can be strong and viable. Well, Pet-Friends did you know that the colour Red is part of 4 Chakras. Yes.. four! Red is part of Red Root, Orange Sacral (orange is half-red and half-yellow), the Indigo Brow Third Eye (indigo is two-thirds blue and one-third red) and the Violet Crown (violet is half-blue and half-red). Can you imagine!? I was floored when Pet-Mom told me that. She explained that when she was working on her Red Root the other chakras with red inside them get worked on as well.

I had to roll on my back and look at the sky and ponder that thought for a long time Pet-Friends. I didn’t realize how connected the Chakra system was! Imagine being able to work on over half the chakras all at once. No wonder a person can feel that when they are putting effort into their self-care, they must be gentle with themselves. Pet-Mom then asked me to lie beside her and she said that we would then close our eyes and be very still. I don’t mind that, I love to lie beside Pet-Mom. She is always warm and doesn’t move around too much. Well, we laid beside each other on the bed, then she said to visualize the Red Root Chakra spinning around, not too fast and not too slow. Then she said to take the Red Energy and move it to the orange, indigo and violet colours, meaning the Sacral, Brow and Crown. She said to keep up the spinning for a few moments and then to slowly bring the red back to the Red Root Chakra. She then said to breathe in three deep breaths. One for the body, one for mind and one for the soul. After the deep breaths, we did the Red visualization again, then we took more deep breaths and then we did the Red visualization again.

So, we did the visualization and the breaths three times each. After that, Pet-Mom said we could lie quiet for a while and if I wanted to take a nap she would take one with me. That is what we did. Took a cat-nap and dreamed of all of the Chakras that have red in them. It was a really good nap. When I awoke, I gave Pet-Mom a meow and then went back to the Spirit world. It was a great connection for me and Pet-Mom. I told Pet-Mom that I would visit again soon and she can tell me more about the Chakra colours.

Keep spinning the Red colour of the chakras, Pet-Friends and stay connected in that life force energy.

I will write again soon.
Your Spirit Animal Friend, Kathleen.

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