The Sun and Rainbow Energy

Hello Pet-Friends,

It is Kathleen for the Cat's-Meow. I want to wish everyone a very happy weekend and I hope that everyone is enjoying their day. Today I want to talk a little about why I like to lie in the sun by myself so much. I lie and nap in every sun patch in our apartment. Our apartment has four bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, dining room and a den. And each room has a big window in it. Pet-Mom has set up a place for me in every room so I can catch all the rays of the sun when I am in the room. It is so awesome! I always wondered why I liked the sun so much and then one day I figured it out.

I read one of Pet-Mom's colour books when she was out doing errands. It was a fantastic book, it was called Colour Energy by Inger Naess. It was all about how the different colours of the rainbow affect us. Did you know that colour effects us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually? Each colour attaches itself to an energy centre in our bodies called a chakra. The top of the head is the crown chakra and it is violet, under that on our forehead is the third-eye/brow chakra and it is indigo, on our neck is the throat chakra and it is blue. On our chest is the heart chakra and it is green, in the middle of our body is the solar plexus chakra and it is yellow. Just over our belly button is the sacral chakra and it is orange and just below our belly button is the root chakra and it is red. Wow, there are so many colours, and this goes for animals as well as humans. We are so much alike Pet-Friends!

Anyways, now back to why I like the sun.  All the time I am lying in the sun I am soaking in all the colours of the rainbow. As I am lying and soaking in the rays my chakras are storing that energy until my body is feeling the best it can! What an amazing thing for our bodies to do Pet-Friends!

So, the next time you are out walking, look up to the sun and soak in her colour rays! Pet-Mom and I are going out to the patio right now and she is going to stretch out on the lawn chair for a little while and I am going to curl up next to her on the pillow. It will be a easy and fulfilling way for the both of us to get the energy our chakras need to keep our mind, body and soul working for our highest and best energy. 

Until next time Pet-Friends - enjoy those colour rays of the sun and love the rainbow! 

Keep well and I will write again soon! 

Your Pet-Friend, Kathleen.

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