The Sun, Spirituality and The Source.

Hello Pet-Friends,

It's Kathleen for the Cat's-Meow. I hope everyone is enjoying the day. I know I am. Pet-Mom makes sure that I have a good day, every-day. Today we had a discussion about Spirituality. Pet-Mom and I are not overly religious but we do believe in a higher power. Something larger than us, we can't see it but we can feel it and we know that it surrounds us every-day in every way. Pet-Mom calls it Source. I call it that too. Pet-Dad is Catholic and goes to church every Sunday. Pet-Mom and Pet-Dad never argue about spiritual things though. I like that. We all have our own ways and we can explore those ways. For instance, Pet-Mom says her Source is the Sun and that Colour is what joins everything together. She may have a point...

Everything in our home and from what I read, goes back to the Sun and her Rays. Even in ancient Egypt, when people got sick they put them out in the Sun to have the rays do what the body needs them to do. Even the herbs we use and the Earth's crystals are colour coded to work with our energy centres. Take peppermint or just plain mint for example. Mint is related to the throat and the throat is the Blue Chakra. I find it interesting that restaurants give you mint or peppermint when your meal is finished. I have found in my experience, that if you have heartburn, taking mint really helps relieve the pain and soreness when your throat is inflamed, especially after eating. Another thing I have found is that colour is related so much to everything we do. From eating, to painting our homes, decorating and the dishes we eat off of, even the clothes we wear. I find that colour is something we see and feel. I feel the colour green all the time, for example.

Ever since I discovered that the colour green helps open my Heart Chakra and helps deepen my connection with Mother Earth, I can understand myself and my actions much better. Plus I have the bonus of having Pet-Mom so close to me to answer all of my questions. I know that Pet-Mom goes to lots of events and stores and shares her knowledge with those who wish to know more about Colour and Source Energy. If you ever run into her, ask her lots of questions,
she loves to talk about her journey with Colour. All I know is that my life has really turned around once I came to love my Pet-Parents. 

Until next time, Pet-Friends - Keep Colouriffic!

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