What a Fantastic Yellow Opportunity!

Hello Pet-Friends,
It’s Kathleen for the Cat’s Meow. I hope everyone is safe and healthy during these very confusing times. I know that Pet-Oma and other family members are feeling discombobulated and anxious at all the news and with what is going on lately in the world.
I wanted to write a bit about something a little more optimistic today.. and put energy back into our own hands. To have some control over a small part of our everyday lives. As you may have noticed on some of Pet-Mom’s videos - she has yellow hair this year!
Yellow is for the Solar Plexus and Pet-Mom is concentrating on that for all of 2021. She also likes yellow as a colour and she has lots of bathroom towels and home decor that is yellow. I did notice that the other week Pet-Mom got really excited over a flyer in the mail. Normally speaking, Pet-Mom doesn’t get excited over the mail, but today she spotted something really interesting, to her. It was a Continuing Education booklet from one of the Community College’s nearby. She noticed that they were offering some courses that she feels she needs to take. They are all about small business and what small businesses need to be successful. Pet-Mom knows quite a bit but feels that there are gaps in her knowledge. So, she quite excitedly signed up for these classes!
When I flopped on her leg and blinked at her - why? She just smiled at me and said “what a fantastic yellow opportunity!" Then she continued to tell me that Yellow/Solar Plexus chakra is about your Mental/Knowledge Intelligence. When you use Yellow Energy in a positive manner, words you can use are intelligent, have many interests, independent, flexible and good sense of humour. Plus Pet-Mom is always telling me that by learning new things or adding to your existing knowledge of a subject is a fantastic way of including Yellow energy in your life.
Pet-Mom loves doing new classes and when she sees something she likes, she signs up for it. My favourites that she has taken were herbal class (she keeps adding new levels on this), Colour Theory and Energy and Spiritual Development. Now that she keeps developing new concepts for her business, she feels that knowing more about the practical side of building a business is now the next level of learning. All I know is that I keep learning new things all the time from Pet-Mom so I know I am using my Yellow/Solar Plexus in an optimal and fantastical kitty way.
I am so lucky to have a Pet-Mom who can uplift my chakras in all ways. So, now that I know more about Yellow - I can be fun, have many interests, use my intelligence in a paw-sitive way and be expressive at the same time.
So.. remember Pet-Friends - a good way to develop Yellow/Solar Plexus Energy/Chakra is by taking classes, fun ones, practical ones, it doesn’t matter, just have fun and exercise your brain.
Until next time, Pet-Friends - stay happy and healthy.

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