Your Favourite Crystals and Crystal Grids!

Hello Pet-Friends,

It's Kathleen for the Cat's-Meow. I hope everyone is fine and that life is awesome. I know my life gets better every-day, mostly in little ways, but it does get better. Whenever I think of my long days in the shelter I am happy that I am with my Pet-Mom and Pet-Dad. l learn things every day from the two of them, which is wonderful because it keeps my mind occupied thinking and practicing what I learn.

Today my learning was centered around crystals and the four corners. What is that? Well Pet-Friends, Pet-Mom was talking to one of her friends about what their 4 favourite crystals were, why they were important to them, and how to make a square grid and have those crystals form a foundation for their highest and best. When her friend left, I asked Pet-Mom if she could do the same for me. Of course, she said yes!

Pet-Friends, my favourite crystals are citrine, sodalite, red jasper and green aventurine. Pet-Mom used her intuition and crystal knowledge and told me the reason why these crystals are my four corners that make up my foundation in life.

Here is what she told me:

- Citrine is Yellow in colour and it is for my Solar Plexus or ego-centre, so I don't get bossy or have anyone take advantage of me. Since I was abused as a kitten it is important that my ego is balanced.

- The Red Jasper is for me to be grounded, energized, and to keep my body strong. Red is for my Root Chakra and if there is lots of energy in my Root, the rest of my body can do what I want it to do, like jump and play.

- Sodalite, which is Blue is for my Throat Chakra, to keep my lines of communication open so I can speak my truth, but it is also for my connection to Archangel Michael. He is the one who protects us from things or humans that are harmful or hurtful.

- My fourth corner crystal is Green Aventurine. Pet-Mom says that the Green crystal is for my Heart Chakra, which is love for myself and how I love others, but it is also my alliance with Mother Earth. Since I love to be outside and smell the flowers and rub up against the trees, this makes total sense to me.

Pet-Mom put these stones in a square for me next to my bed and said that when I'm sleeping, my foundation will keep me strong and focused, so I can keep doing my life's purpose, which is to connect with all of you, my Pet-Friends and continue to share my experiences with you. I never knew that my favourite crystals could reveal so much about me. Pet-Mom says that what we love and are attracted to says a lot about how we see the world and if we are open enough, we can use this knowledge and experience the world in a new light, one for our highest and best potential. 

Think about your 4 favourite crystals Pet-Friends and how they relate to your four corners of foundation

Until next time Pet-Friends - Play lots with your crystals. 

- Kathleen

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