Colour Chakra Journal and Workbook Printable

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Welcome! This journal has the intention to inspire you on your Colour Chakra journey. When we 'Vibe the Rainbow', we elevate our vibrations and frequencies, therefore giving our Energy Centres/Chakras the fuel to work at optimal levels and to increase the vibe of the ones that are not at full capacity. 

This Colour Path is intended to be fun, insightful and with learnings you can incorporate into your daily life to keep the Rainbow alive and full of potential. 

This is Sheila Raadschelder's first Journal and Workbook with many more to come!

Sheila is a Psychic Colour Visionary and Alchemist. She has devoted her time to studying and experiencing the correlation of Colour, Chakra/Energy Centres, Spiritual beings, herbs, astrology, and other elements to enrich the human experience.

Let's get ready to start this journey, together. Let’s get started!

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