Learning Valuable Lessons with Spirit

Hello Pet-Friends,

It’s Kathleen for the Cat’s Meow. Wow, how time flies and how no matter what we are doing, we learn something new every day. Even in the Spirit World. I have been on a steep learning curve and I learn every day to be a better and better Spirit Animal Guide and Helper to Pet-Mom. I know that in Human time, I have been gone for Earth for 3 months, but here in Spirit, it only seems like a day. I do miss Pet-Mom and Pet-Dad but I can communicate much better with them now and I think that very soon, I will be able do tasks and help with Earthly matters.

In the meantime, Pet-Friends, I learned a very valuable lesson in Spirit form.  If I knew this when I was an Earthly cat, it would have saved me some stress and anxiety.

Here is what I learned... Pet-Mom was going with her most excellent friend to visit her friends mom in the Okanagan. When I was on Earth, I always dreaded when Pet-Mom would get out her travel bag and start packing. I would sit on the bed and give her the “stink” eye and take things out of the bag when she was not looking. Then she would have to search around and she would get frustrated and upset. I was happy when she was this way because I thought that if she couldn’t find her toothbrush or underwear, she would stay home. She always found where I hid her things and she would go on her trip anyways. I wrote about how anxious and stressed out I was on a previous blog. It was usually a bad time for me when she was not sleeping in the bed with me and petting me during the night. 

On this particular trip, I am now a Spirit Animal so things were a little different. Before Pet-Mom turned on the car to go, she said out loud - “Kathleen, now that you are a Spirit Animal, you can come with me, just ride in the back seat and when we get to our destination, feel free to sit on my shoulder when we go into the house and meet my most excellent friend’s Mom.”

I was so excited Pet-Friends! Pet-Mom loves to travel and now I can go with her everywhere she goes! This is fabulous! Now I know that I too, love to travel! It is so fun to be on the open road with Pet-Mom, have the window rolled down and have the wind on my fur. Yes, even in the Spirit World I could feel the wind on my fur. 

After a long drive, we arrived at the destination. A cute little house, actually it was a fairy house. Pet-Mom greeted the senior lady that lives there and my heart burst open, the lady of the house was so nice and kind. And so happy to see Pet-Mom. They hugged and laughed and the lady of the house had coffee ready for Pet-Mom. Pet-Mom loves a good cup of coffee. Pet-Mom put her bag in her bedroom and said “Kathleen, what do you think of the lady of the house? Do you like her?” I told Pet-Mom that I thought she was super and that I could now see why Pet-Mom was always looking SO forward to coming to the Okanagan. I told Pet-Mom that I wanted to rest for a bit on the bed, but I would jump back on her shoulder soon. I laid on the bed and Pet-Friends, I came to the revelation of how silly I was to be so worried that every time Pet-Mom went on a trip that she wouldn’t come home. The lady of the house, is so kind and she loves Pet-Mom so dearly. I guess something that an Earthly Cat needs to learn is to share their Pet-Parents with others and that they shouldn't worry because Pet-Parents will always come home to you!

I know that in the past other Pet-Parents had left me behind and never came back, but Pet-Mom is a different Pet-Parent. She always told me that she would never leave me and that she would always be there with me and in all ways. I didn’t trust that fact in my human form.. but I can see it now in my Spirit Life. 

I guess what I am trying to say Pet-Friends, is that no matter what your life was before, if you are with your Forever-People, they don’t leave. They may go away for a trip, but they come back and when you need them, they're always the first to help.

I am glad I came to the Okanagan with Pet-Mom. I learned a lot. I wonder what other things I will learn in the Spirit World.

Until next time, Pet-Friends, keep your pets safe and love them lots and lots. 


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